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With a background in education and psychology Christine Franklin is a psychologist with has 25 years experience working with individuals and communities to bring about positive change.
She has extensive rural and remote experience working in the public mental health system, as well as in private practice.

Christine is passionate about rural health and its role in the vitality and sustainability of remote communities. Through her work Christine promotes the use of Positive Psychology practices and her therapeutic approach is informed by the research around behavioural therapies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

Christine recently published the book "The Extra Mile" , the Essential Guide for Health Professionals Going Bush, which has been welcomed as a significant and easy to read support text for professionals taking on the challenge of remote or rural practice.

The Extra Mile

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THE EXTRA MILE: The Essential Guide for Health Professionals Going Bush

Whether you have already taken up the challenge of rural and remote work or you are just thinking about it, this book provides the essential support you need on your rural health journey. Written with wit and wisdom, this book covers everything you need to know to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.
The Extra Mile gives you the tools you will need to:
• Adapt your professional skills to the rural/remote workplace
• Remain energised and enthusiastic at work
• Stay healthy and happy at home
• Recognise your leadership potential, and
• Avoid the risks of professional burn-out

“This easy-to-read book is relevant to all health professionals embarking on the journey of rural healthcare. Read it, be inspired and come work in outback Australia.”
Christopher Cliffe, CEO of CRANAplus

“I commend this excellent publication to anyone even contemplating a rural change – you will find it a wonderful resource.” Rob Curry. President Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health
“… a must-read primer for anyone considering working in rural and remote health. Read this book – and learn from practical experience that will allow you to succeed and flourish in your experience.”
Dr Lisa Patterson-Kane, Rural Psychologist

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